Buying with Daisy

The Home Buying Process

Why First Time Home Buyers
choose to Work
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I am passionate in advocating for first-time buyers and I voraciously represent your best interests throughout every step.  I help you determine your needs and desires with my 3 bucket strategy to help you get the very best home possible. One that gets you everything you want in the location you want, without breaking your budget.  

From recommending lenders and loan programs that meet your financial goals to providing all the tools you'll need to prep for our first outing or the inspection once you are under contract. I share with you everything I know whether it's about the neighborhood, property, etc. Born and raised in Chicago, I know all the ins and outs about every neighborhood in the city. 

Genuine Guidance

Unmatched Resources

Constant communication and always letting you know what’s coming up next as I understand how nerve-racking the process can be. You’ll always feel like you are in-the-know about what’s going on and what’s coming up next. I  listen to you, talk through scenarios with you, & always serve as a strong support system for you as you search for your first home, during the transaction phase plus well after the transaction to help you be a successful homeowner too.

Unparalled Communication

I promise to only send you helpful information about how to become a smarter first time home buyer. You'll get great tips, how-to’s, advice, and my secrets to navigate purchasing a home in today’s "interesting" market.

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